Re: The Tower of Babel - Less Confusing

Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 13:40:58 EDT

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    JIm writes,

    > I like to respect people's experience. But your experience
    > would be vastly different if you were born in a different
    > culture. How do you explain that?

    Culture is not ultimate. I can show you people from all over the world, from
    every different culture who have met Jesus. They testify to the same thing I
    do: the new personal relationship with God transcends their cultural religious

    > Major premise: The Bible/church says God doesn't lie, God is truth, etc.
    > Minor premise: Genesis misrepresents reality to humans (a lie if God were
    > real).
    > Conclusion: Therefore, Genesis is merely human work.

    You have the rough materials here for a logical syllagism. But, this
    reasoning is still not logically sound. You have a term in the conclusion, "merely
    human work," that you do not have in either of the premises. Consequently, the
    conclusion is logically invalid, illogical, irrational. Try again.


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