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Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 07:35:58 EDT

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    > There is no "host of clear data that contradicts my theory." Indeed, there
    > is no data I know of at all that contradicts the logical explanation that
    > Adam and Eve, the garden of Eden, Noah and the flood, and the tower of
    > Babel fits a historical time frame from about 7,000 years ago to 4,000
    > years ago in southern Mesopotamia.

    IMHO, Adam and Eve is an allegory, not a historical event. There is a paper
    on the net, and a TV documentary that uses the place names in the Bible to
    establish the location of the garden of Eden in northern Mesopotamia in the
    land of Nod by the river Pishon. The tower of babel story also has a lesson
    in its telling which may make it an allegory or an elucidation of a tactic of
    ancient warfare used by Tiglath Pilaser III against Israel in 738 BC. It is
    called population transfer because the brightest segments of the population
    were removed and other peoples from other lands were put in their place,
    effectively creating a tower of babel where a cohesive affinal group had
    been. Given this was a strategy to erase national identities, it may have its
    correlation in the tower of babel story. Dick's approach is correct but his
    specific examples may not always be.

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