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Date: Sun May 18 2003 - 20:49:53 EDT

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    Dick wrote, in part: "Since you among others are accustomed to theological double speak I have included just a bit for flavor. (If boredom or incomprehension overtakes anybody just skip to my response."

    He then followed that with a quotation from somebody, but not Tillich.

    Dick -- I fully agree that Tillich is difficult to understand. Partly that is because he fled Hitler to come to the USA at age 43 (or so) and had then to teach himself English. Professor William Dean, who teaches theology here at Iliff (both conservative and liberal) was an assistant to Tillich in his younger years. Tillich never lost his accent, and it is apparent that almost everyone finds him difficult to understand.

    But you did not quote Tillich, but a secondary source. Having spent the better part of a quarter studying Tillich, I THINK I understand what the writer was trying to say. Like you, I wish he would use smaller words. <G>

    The most valuable thing I have learned from reading (not reading about) Tillich is that there is lots of room for doubt in the Christian position. I knew that already, of course, but he has reinforced the idea.

    Where did Tillich (IMHO of course) err? Like Bultmann, I think he did not understand well the scientific enterprise. Indeed, I think that is where almost all "liberals" founder, Borg, Spong, etc.

    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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