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    Are you being serious or is this a joke? I just love the humour of Peleg watching plates whizzing around the oceans like Sodium on water!

    To read a tectonic cataclysm into Genesis 10 vs25 is simply a gross perversion of God's word. I do not know which is more dishonouring to God the denial of the Bible as the Word of God or to pervert its meaning. It reduces the Bible to junk

    If you are not happy with "strata dating techniques" go and do a proper geological field course. I will add that I have researched the history of the techniques from filed notes and writings of early geologists and looked at the places where they made notes and found them extremely well supported and anything but junk science.

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      The stratified deposits when viewed in a pre-sudden division of the tectonic plates context.

      As you know, I regard strata dating techniques to be marginal, arguably junk, science.

      I see the fountains of the earth and the deep and the heavens opening and causing massive changes and dissolving and laying down dramatic strata followed by a tectonic cataclysm in Peleg's day resulting in the puzzle we see today.

      I simply interpret the data differently.

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        Please enlighten me. What are the traces?

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          bivalve sez: "A global flood ought to leave extensive geological traces, which we do not see.."

          Some on this list see these traces.

          "I was blinded by science." Thomas Dolby

          Jay Willingham

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