Re: The Tower of Babel - Less Confusing

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 10:30:42 EDT

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    Dick wrote: "Liberals pay lip service only. They are scholarly enough to
    know the similarities are there, but lack the guts to go beyond what the
    establishment will allow. After all, there is peer pressure, tenure, and
    other important considerations.>>

    Interacting with "liberals" as much as I do, I find your characterization
    of them as "paying lip service" and "lack the guts to" and yout judgement
    of their motivations as relating to "peer pressure, tenure, etc." to be
    so far off base as to be unreasonable to hold in any more than a
    fundamentalist sense. maybe not even in that sense.

    I suppose you would call Tillich a liberal. Have your read him? Do you
    know him at all?

    One does not have to agree with Tillich (I don't, in several important
    ways) to understand him as so much more than your characterizaion above.
    Or Borg, to pick a more modern example.


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