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Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 06:25:41 EDT

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        RE: books on philosophy of science, I don't believe anyone mentioned the
    following as good resources: two books by Robert Klee:
           (1) _Introduction to the Philosophy of Science: Cutting Nature at its
    Seams_ (OUP, 1997)
           (2) _Scientific Inquiry: Readings in the Philosophy of Science_ (OUP,
    The first book provides a clear exposition of major ideas from logical
    positivism to scientific realism. The second is a reader coordinated with
    the first. It contains selections by 20th century philosophers of science
    and covered the main developments. You'll find short pieces by such
    notables as Duhem, Popper, Quine, Putnam, Kuhn, Feyerabend, and Laudan,
    among others.


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    > Group,
    > A friend has asked me for recommendations on good books with broad
    > coverage on the history of science and philosophy of science. I would
    > appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.
    > Preston G.

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