From: Ted Davis (TDavis@messiah.edu)
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 10:31:41 EDT

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    I thank Bob for providing the larger context for Augustine's comments. This
    is pretty much what I thought Augustine meant: that our human notion of
    limits on divine acts are simply our human notions, and God isn't bound by
    those. I'm on the same page with Augustine.

    I'm also on the same page with Bob. I agree that the historical and
    astronomical evidence (indeed there is no such in the latter case, our
    records not encompassing Joshua's day) do not support a "literal"
    interpretation of the Joshua story, and I'm not inclined to accept that
    story as a genuine miracle. I also doubt that it had redemptive
    purpose--killing the enemy doesn't seem to fit that category.


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