Re: God and nature; miracles

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 09:13:36 EDT

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    >From: "D. F. Siemens, Jr." <>
    > .... But little men want to have a deity that they can
    > understand.

    Dave, are we not all on an earnest quest to come to a richer understanding
    of God? Does quest that really diminish our humanity?

    > So they claim that God cannot know the future because our
    > experiential knowledge ends at the present moment.

    Is it really the case that the only reason a person might have for positing
    such an idea is the limitation of our own personal experience? Is it only
    "little men" who portray God as the Creator of a universe that has been
    given such authentic being and such genuine freedom that not even God can
    know in advance what these authentic and free beings will do?

    > But God is
    > not me written bigger and maybe a little better, for I think well of
    > myself ;-)

    Perhaps the God who is "us writ large" is something like this:

    We humans value power, so God must be omnipotent -- all powerful, able to
    overpower and control any other being.

    We humans value the capacity to act, so God must be omnicompetent -- able to
    do anything.

    We humans value knowledge, so God must be omniscient -- knowing everything,
    even the outcome of contingent events that have not yet occurred.

    We humans value our presence in a place, so God must be omnipresent --


    Howard Van Till

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