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    Pertaining to the Gosse articles on Burgy's website:

    I don't know if you've watched later Star Treks with their Holodecks or seen
    the movie Matrix. The Gosse articles make me think of those things.

    I am fond of the works of Norman Vincent Peale and other positive thinkers.
    In my own life, that which is most real is not necessarily that which is
    most tangible. And certainly, with prayer and believing many things, if not
    everything, can be changed.

    So, it Gosse was right, did God periodically throw His creation back into
    the Holodeck? Were the floods and sun standing still apart from the normal
    scheme of things after Adam was created with the signs of a birth that never
    happened? At what point does the Holodeck leave the picture and regular
    action of regular molecules take over. If the Bible is forever literal, then
    where is it molecularly coherent?

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    >>If God can do anything, why can't he break his own laws? So maybe the
    wasn't in 2900BC. Maybe it was in 5000BC and there isn't any evidence of it.
    After all - God can do anything.>>

    Phillip Henry Gosse, a respected biologist, proposed just that once. See the
    review of his book OMPHALOS and other notes on his ideas on page 2 of my
    website, "Young Earth" section.

    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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