RE: pseudogenes and design

From: Josh Bembenek (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 17:55:32 EDT

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    Dr. Campbell Wrote: Pseudogenes can be both molecular fossils and
    functional elements. They do serve a clear function by providing potential
    raw material for evolution, but that function does not get one very far in
    trying to argue against evolution. As several other possible mechanisms for
    regulating gene expression are known, it does not seem as though pseudogenes
    are essential for gene regulation. However, their use for that purpose fits
    well with the expectation that evolution would work with existing materials
    and put them to use.

    "Possible mechansims" is quite different than actual discovery of their
    function. You might read the work, if you think pseudogenes aren't
    essential for gene regulation. In at least one case, that statement is
    false. I wrote in my original statement, that of course for the adamant
    evolutionist, this data is just as expected as if we find that there is no
    function for a pseudogene, thus the plasticity and adaptability or
    evolvability of evolutionary theory. See the following for specific reasons
    this finding is interesting:

    and reference 2 found here:


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