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Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 15:22:13 EDT

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    > One could argue either that the writer of Genesis had no clue or that the
    > interpreters have no clue. You have chosen the former, I have chosen the
    > latter.

    Scripture is not of private interpretation. When a person says the vast
    majority of the best trained biblical scholars are in error in their
    interpretation, there must either be a better informed and well documented
    case in opposition, or I think we should conclude that the person is lost in
    pride or a cult. To imply as you are doing that you are better informed and
    have a better documented case than men like Westermann, Cassuto, Mathews, and
    Wenham is, I believe, mistaken.

    > Would you not agree that the same authors cited above also think that a
    > global flood obliterated all the humans and all the animals in the entire
    > world? Are you arguing for that also?

    Yes they would, and yes I am, albeit the entire world of which they knew, ie
    Gen 10, is the greater Near East; but flooding that to the point that the
    mountains of Ararat were covered would necessarily flood the globe as we know
    We agree that the basis of the biblical account is the Mesopotamian flood of
    c. 2900 BC, but that flood according to both the Sumerian tradition and
    archaeology did not extend north of Sippar. It was restricted to southern
    Mesopotamia, and hence quite low elevations.
    But, Gen 7:19, which must be interpreted in the context of 7:17-20 and 8:3-5,
    draws a picture of the ark rising higher as the Flood waters rose higher (v.
    17) until the mountains even of Ararat were covered to a depth of fifteen
    cubits (v. 20). Then as the waters receded the ark fell until it came to rest
    upon the mountains of Ararat (8:3, 4). The mountains of Ararat average 8000
    feet above sea level and are a good 400 km north of Sippar. Pray tell (a) how
    the ark in the flood of 2900 BC got up above the Ararat mountains and (b) how
    the Ararat mountains were covered without covering the rest of the earth.

    > Let's review the facts. Both the Sumerians and the Accadians can be traced
    > to roughly 4000 BC. The flood can be dated at about 2900 BC. Since we
    > know the Accadians and Sumerians spoke unrelated languages, and both
    > cultures were living at the same time at the same approximate location
    > after the flood, then there were two different languages spoken right there
    > in southern Mesopotamia at the time of the tower of Babel. The entire rest
    > of the world at around 2300 BC notwithstanding.
    > Is your argument that the writer of Genesis was too stupid to know that?

    According to the biblical account all mankind was destroyed in the Flood
    except for the eight people on the ark. Consequently, all people on earth
    after the Flood spoke the same language, just as Gen 11:1 says. Of course,
    that is just the consensus interpretation of those same biblical exegetes
    named above, but I do not believe you understand the Bible better than they

    When the YECs run into scientific data that would falsify their theory, they
    ignore it, distort it or find some other way to get rid of it. You are doing
    the same with the biblical data.


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