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Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 13:01:20 EDT

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    > I have to agree with the translation here, but would like to add that the
    > Tower of Babel piece is inserted right after the lists of the sons of Noah
    > and begins with: ONCE UPON A TIME.
    > Contradicting the text that states the earth had one language is the
    > statement previous that, "...the peoples of the coasts and islands
    > separated into their own countries, EACH WITH THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, family by
    > family, nation by nation." gen 10:5.
    > and then, "These were the sons of Shem, by families and LANGUAGES with
    > their countries and nations."
    > So, when did the Tower of Babel story occur?

    The story's focus on the division of language into many languages implies
    that the events are understood to have taken place before the events in
    chapter 10, and the statement that all the earth spoke the same language
    necessitates it; consequently, the Church has historically understood the
    events of Gen 10 to have taken place after the events of Gen 9. Some
    commentaries show that such a chronological inversion is not unusual in the


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