Re: "Design up to Scratch?"

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 07:39:15 EDT

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    >From: "Josh Bembenek" <>

    > Yet at the same time, Van Till has written explicitly that we should
    > wait patiently for science to uncover the unknown physical laws that will
    > enable us to understand more completely how evolutionary processes created
    > biological systems without God's constant "tinkering" (i.e. non-embodied
    > form-conferring interventive action.) Here we have a double-speak, on one
    > hand our efforts to view (excuse the sloppy label) Theistic Evolution as a
    > true and reliable theory partly involve future discovery of relevant
    > physical laws/ processes that science will uncover. On the other hand, we
    > can dismiss arguments about the ability of natural systems operating alone
    > as inept for creating biological complexity because we cannot perform
    > calculations and we don't know all the relevant factors involved, nor might
    > we be able to. Thus we are perfectly fit snuggly into our ignorance. Our
    > ignorance thus equally protects our inability to rigourously explain the
    > ability of laws to produce biological systems while simultaneously
    > preventing anyone from trying to argue that they are insufficient.
    > Beautifully convenient, the ignorance trump card has become. In the end, no
    > matter how much we understand of the universe, there will be an unknown and
    > perhaps infinite degree of ignorance that we can appeal to for support of
    > our particular theory, even more wonderfully convenient!!

    Josh, I dislike double-speak as much as you do, and I do my best to avoid
    it. Nonetheless, I presume that there is room for improvement. So, help me
    out here. Please re-read my essay "Is the Creation a 'Right Stuff'
    Universe?" in the December, 2002, issue of PSCF and find specific instances
    in which I employ the kind of double-speak to which you refer in the above

    Howard Van Till

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