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    >I couldn't agree more. It was perfectly clear to me on reading Behe's book that he supports descent from a common ancestor, and that he believes the earth is billions of years old.<

    However, it is not perfectly clear to those who have swallowed the young earth/atheism dichotomy. I have seen Behe commended as proving YEC and the separate creation of all species (by someone who read the book); Johnson is also hailed as justifying YEC. Johnson seems to actively dodge the issue; I have not seen much comment from Behe. Although it is clearly a misunderstanding, it is sufficiently popular to make further clarification advisable.

    >All the people in the ID camp I've corresponded with whom I've asked are also in the Old Earth camp.<

    At least a few YEC identify themselves with ID; others are willing to cooperate with ID; and most are glad to take up ID arguments if they seem to suit them. The core of ID certainly seems to be old-earth, but its popular support depends heavily on YEC.

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