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Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 11:26:23 EDT

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    >Rev. Brian M. Abshire is the pastor of Reformed Heritage Church in=20
    >Modesto, CA. He can be reached at =20

    The first time I ever discussed creation issues with a group of Christians
    was in Oregon. The attitude I encountered there was almost equivalent,
    being called a Satan-worshipper for even engaging in science and considering
    the value of evolutionary theory (surprising from me, right?) There was a
    strong feeling of what I can best describe as being prejudiced against me.
    Is this something particular about the West Coast? I haven't found the same
    level of hostility here in Texas on an average level, but I don't interact
    with every Christian around either. I get the feeling that scientists in
    the West are much more hostile toward Creationism in general, but I just
    wondered about thoughts on this phenomena.


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