Re: A resource for understanding the resurrection and Jesus's resurrec tion

From: George Murphy (
Date: Sun May 11 2003 - 19:05:20 EDT

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    Burgy wrote:
    > >>I just received in the mail N.T. Wright's book, "The
    > Resurrection of the Son of God." which should help answer a lot (700
    > plus pages) of the questions that people are discussing here. Do not
    > let the size scare you. He is very readable.
    > >>
    > I hope you will write a review of that one for PERSPECTIVES, Joel.
    > I saw it listed -- after you read it tell us (me) if it is worth buying.

            Glad Joel reminded us of Wright's book, which I need to order. Buy from
    independent booksellers & help my daughter & other right minded people to keep their
            Another resource - which I haven't yet read but, knowing the editors, think is
    probably worthwhile, is
            _Resurrection: Theological and Scientific Assessmenmts_, edited by Ted Peters,
    Robert John Russell and Michael Welker (Eerdmans, 2002).
            & while I'm at it, I'll mention an older book that's quite good by an RC
    theologian, Gerald O'Collins, _Jesus Risen_ (Paulist, 1987). I reviewed this for the
    March 1989 PSCF.

    George L. Murphy

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