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Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 18:58:06 EDT

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    > I have a simple question. Why Jews selected the name for their state Israel
    > rather than Judah? The former had to do with the northern kingdom and all
    > sorts of evil leader, Jeroboam, Nadab, Baasha, etc. while the latter
    > southern kingdom was led by Rehoboam, Abijam, etc., which contains the
    > linage of Christ. After all, Jerusalem was in the southern kingdom.
    > Moorad

    If you go to the link below you can see the full text of Israel's declaration
    of independence read by david ben-gurion from which the intro below the link
    is taken.

    Israel is the name given to the descendants of Jacob, a nation. (from
    Strong's exhaustive concordance)

    <A HREF="">>

    Declaration of Israel's Independence 1948

    Issued at Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948 (5th of Iyar, 5708)The land of Israel was
    the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and
    national identity was formed. Here they achieved independence and created a
    culture of national and universal significance. Here they wrote and gave the
    Bible to the world.

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