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    This seems to me to give no more than Dawkins' computer models in the Blind
    Watchmaker. As much as I want to be convinced the whole paper stops short of
    proof or demonstration. However it is more
    convincing thatn Dembski or Behe.

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    The latest Nature has an article on modeling the favorite issues of ID:

    The evolutionary origin of complex features. Nature 423, 139 - 144.

    Abstract: A long-standing challenge to evolutionary theory has been whether
    it can explain the origin of complex organismal features. We examined this
    issue using digital organisms-computer programs that self-replicate, mutate,
    compete and evolve. Populations of digital organisms often evolved the
    ability to perform complex logic functions requiring the coordinated
    execution of many genomic instructions. Complex functions evolved by
    building on simpler functions that had evolved earlier, provided that these
    were also selectively favoured. However, no particular intermediate stage
    was essential for evolving complex functions. The first genotypes able to
    perform complex functions differed from their non-performing parents by only
    one or two mutations, but differed from the ancestor by many mutations that
    were also crucial to the new functions. In some cases, mutations that were
    deleterious when they appeared served as stepping-stones in the evolution of
    complex features. These findings show how complex functions can originate by
    random mutation and natural selection.

    Table of contents for the issue are at:

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