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Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 08:22:06 EDT

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    BlankThe notes in my Bible are interesting regarding Moab and Edom in
    Jeremiah 48-49. Edom is prophesied to become and remain forever small
    whereas Moab is supposed to become great in the latter days. Amman, which
    once was Ammon, a city of the Moabites, was very small in 1900 and by 1960
    was over 200,000. If this truly is verification of the fulfillment of this
    prophesy, it is one case where the prophesy definitely preceeded the event.

    Many of the claims that other prophesies were written after the event have
    been confirmed as being at least highly unlikely. Writing styles and local
    references to details have been placed in the times claimed. Some of these
    details remained mysteries until the last century (doesn't that make us
    sound old, referring to the 1900's as the last century?) when archeologists
    found evidence explaining these details.

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