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From: Michael Roberts (michael.andrea.r@ukonline.co.uk)
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 05:08:38 EDT

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      Why isn't there a uniform coat of flood sediment found around the
      world ?

      Because the Flood was not uniform in flow

      How do you explain out of order layers and missing layers ?

      They were either inverted or washed away by flood waters

      How do you explain 9,000 years of dendochronology and 100 ky of ice
      cores with no sign of a flood? Is it possible to have a world wide
      flood and have no affect on trees or ice ?

      These dates are based on Unifromitarian assumptions

      Why is there is no evidence of a mass extinction taking place 4.5
      kya ? In fact, no evidence of a mass extinction of a WWF magnitude
      anywhere in the multibillion year fossil record.

      All dates are wrong so this is a false conclusion

      How did the flood sort moles and modern birds many layers
      above flying dinosaurs ?

      The birds picked up the moles and dropped them as they fell to the ground when they were fossilised

      Why are non-flowering plants below flowering plants ? How did the
      flowering plants outrun the nonflowering plants in the flood ? Did
      the flowering plants run faster because they have longer roots ? Be
      sure to explain how flowering plants living in and around water got
      to the top of the fossil record.

      The SG of flowering plants is higher . See the article in CRSJ 1991

      Why are there animal tracks found on adjacent layers of alleged
      flood sediment ?

      They were running away from the flood and there tracks were formed an hours later inn the higher layers

      How did the flood sort radioisotopes in evolutionary order ?

      This was due to changes in the earth's magnetic field

      Why are hominids never found below the K-T boundary and dinosaurs
      never found above it ?

      We ran faster than dinos

      How did animals get back to their proper location, even on
      different continents, after the flood ? Please discuss mammals ---
      kangaroos getting to Austrailia, Sloth's to the Americas and Panda's
      to China ---as wells as slow moving turtles, snakes & salamanders.
      How were the world's lakes, ponds and streams restocked with fish ?

      This was before contentinentaql drift. The kangeroos took baby sloths back to S America and then hopped to OZ

       fossils in evolutionary order ? As in the
      following order of first appearance:

      first bacteria before
      first multicellular organism before
      first shelled organisms before
      first insects before
      first amphibians before
      first reptiles before
      first dinosaurs before
      first birds before
      first placental mammals before
      first first apes before
      first hominids.

      God's will to remind us of the order in Genesis One

      er ? Again
      ordered by first appearance (note also the ordering by brain cc).

      Sahelanthropus tchadensis (320-380cc)
      Ardipithecus ramidus (dental and postcranial remains)
      Orrorin turgenesis (postcranial)
      Australopithecus anamensis (cranial capacity unknown)
      A. afarensis (mean of 470cc, range 375-540cc)
      A. bahrelghazali (cranial capacity unknown)
      A. africanus (440-480cc)
      A. garhi (c. 450cc)
      A. robustus (c. 475cc)
      A. boisei (c. 450cc)
      A. aethiopicus (c. 410cc)
      H. habilis (c. 500-800cc)
      H. erectus (c. 725-1250cc)
      H. heidelbergensis (c. 1300cc)
      H. neanderthalensis (c. 1350-1600cc)
      H. sapiens (c.1300-1500cc)

      They were all the same age i.e. 10,000 years old

      Maybe there is a reason that science rejected flood geology 150+ year
      Think about it.

      Evangelicals like Chalmers, Princeton theol seminary, Wilberforce etc went liberal in about 1800 as they fell for the deistical arguments of Hutton.

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