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Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 13:36:00 EDT

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    Dear Allen,

    Hmmm, that's not how they explained it to me, they said they believe that
    the Christian's soul never dies but lives on in eternity, but the soul
    perishes in hell (ceases to exist). This same soul, "sleeps" somewhere until
    the resurrection, I guess I may have assumed they meant in the body, but the
    rest I was told by their pastor. Maybe it differs from SDA to SDA?

    What is your understanding then of the verse that says "the soul dieth not"
    would it seem to mean that the soul has no end and therefore cannot cease to

    Sondra Brasile

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    >Sondra Brasile wrote:
    >>I was always taught that when you die your spirit goes on to heaven and
    >>your body rots in the grave until the resurrection where the two are
    >>joined in the air. When I met some Seventh Day Adventists (my kids went to
    >>their school for a few years) I learned about the concept of soul sleep, I
    >>was intrigued at that time by it, since I had never heard about it nor
    >>ever considered it. After hearing their view and doing some of my own
    >>study, I think they are most likely right and my "teaching" had been off,
    >>not that I really care whether my soul immediately goes to heaven or
    >>sleeps in my body until judgment, neither one matters to me as long as
    >>eventually I get there. Most times the Bible refers to dead people as
    >>"sleeping" .
    >Just a minor note of correction. SDAs do not believe that the soul sleeps
    >in the body, but rather the soul ceases to exist in death until the body is
    >resurrected as the breath of life is restored to it. The time in the grave
    >is "LIKE" sleep in that the person knows nothing until the resurrection.
    >The biblical definition of a soul is found in Gen. 2:7 A body + the
    >breath-of-life = a soul, i.e. a living person. A 'soul' was not put into a
    >body, but the body, made alive by the breath-of-life, became a soul -- a
    >person. Its kinda like a light bulb. It gives light when power is given it
    >by the flip of a switch. When the power is cut off, where does the light
    >go? It simply ceases to exist and you are left with just the bulb. There is
    >no "ghost in the machine." We are souls because we are alive. We also have
    >souls in that we exist.
    >Allen Roy
    >A Seventh-day Adventist.
    >"I have been shown that, without Bible history, geology can prove nothing.
    >Relics found
    >in the earth do give evidence of a state of things differing in many
    >respects from the
    >present. But the time of their existence, and how long a period these
    >things have been in
    >the earth, are only to be understood by Bible history. It may be innocent
    >to conjecture
    >beyond Bible history, if our suppositions do not contradict the facts found
    >in the sacred
    >Scriptures. But when men leave the word of God in regard to the history of
    >creation, and
    >seek to account for God's creative works upon natural principles, they are
    >upon a
    >boundless ocean of uncertainty. Just how God accomplished the work of
    >creation in six
    >literal days, he has never revealed to mortals. His creative works are just
    >incomprehensible as his existence." Ellen Gould Harmon White, 1864

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