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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 10:57:07 EDT

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    Vernon wrote: "Taking any multiple of 3 ...and summing the cubes of its digits - repeating the process as many times as may be necessary to obtain a final stable outcome - we find that outcome invariably to be 153."

    Interesting. Vernon has now shown three instances of an unexpected numeric pattern in the scriptures.

    Either all three are just coincidental -- or there is something more there. I remain unconvinced that anything more than coincidence is working here. But three instances trumps two.

    I suppose one reason for this is that I had long wondered about that "153." One wonders how someone, in the presence of Christ himself, could busy himself (or herself) with counting the fish. Maybe a record for the time? I had alsways assumed it was a "throwaway" number, meaning "a whole bunch." Maybe an idiom. The precision of the number always seemed out of place. Perhaps there are variant readings?

    BTW, I just surfed over to Bob Schneider's new web site. Great! Just beginning, I hope.

    On another theme, perhaps some on this list do not know that Bob DeHaan, a long time ASA member and sometimes contributor to this LISTSERv, has written a book "Into The Shadows." It is the account of his wife's (and his) battle with Altzheimers over the past four or five years; I have written a review which will be appearing in PERSPECTIVES probably late this year.

    I have not (yet) put a copy of the review on my web site but I plan to later this month. The citation is:

    Into the Shadows, A Journey of Faith and Love into Alzheimer's by Robert F. DeHaan. Grand Haven, Michigan: FaithWalk Publishing, 2003. 256 pages, appendix. No price shown (about $15 from B&N). Softcover. ISBN 0-9724196-3-2.

    As a Stephen Minister, I've read many books which speak to the "long dying" of the Alzheimer patient. This book, written by one with a clear and abiding Christian faith, and also a deep and abiding love for his companion of over fifty years, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Nearly 25% of adults in our country are friends, relatives, or, in some cases caregivers, to someone affected by this disease. If you are one of these, this book is a must read. If you are not, it is worth reading to understand a "real" love story. I cannot recommend it too highly.

    Burgy (John Burgeson)


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