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From: Robert Schneider (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 18:18:49 EDT

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    I'm not sure this got through the first time, so I'm resending it.


    Dear ASA colleagues and friends,

    I am pleased to announce the launching of a new web site devoted to science
    and Christianity. The site is located on the Berea College (KY) web site,
    and you can access it at

    I suggest when you have time to peruse it you begin with the "Introduction"
    to the essays. In it I lay out my approach and the perspectives I will
    take. As the great majority of Berea College's Christian students, who
    constitute the primary audience for these essays, come from evangelical and
    fundamental traditions, I have relied and will rely greatly on evangelical
    perspectives in the subject matter of the various essays. In the
    Acknowledgement section, many of you are thanked personally, but I do want
    those whom I didn't mention to know that I have much appreciated learning
    and understanding the views of everyone who contributes to the ASA list.

        Over a year ago, I informed the list members of this project, and since
    that time many of you have been very helpful to me directly. Many of you
    have shared privately you thoughts and feelings on what it means to you to
    be an evangelical Christian; some have helped with suggestions for books and
    articles; Paul Seely kindly read one of my drafts and made many helpful
    suggestions; and all of you in some way or another informed my thinking not
    only on the three essays completed and posted, but of several more to come,
    through numerous posts having to do with such topics as evolution, YEC, and

    I am proud to be a member of the ASA and of this list, and I am pleased to
    contribute in this way to our common endeavors.

    In Christ,
    Bob Schneider

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