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    While probably not the original compilation, an earlier version of this tradition can be found in the Boners Omnibus, published about the 1930's and illustrated by a relatively unknown artist under the pseudonym of Dr. Seuss. It consists of individual sayings, not yet compiled into a narrative, thus reflecting a time closer to the origin of the traditions, before later redactors combined various sources into a single narrative. Biblical information included Jacob stealing Esau's birthmark, Solomon's porcupines, and Ahab being killed because someone shot at a random, missed it, and hit Ahab instead. Dr. Seuss's picture of a random was somewhat like a deer.

    Today, the combination of spell checking and procrastination readily leads to wrong words. I received a paper on bobcats that reported a juvenile morality rate of 25%. Evidently there are a lot of delinquent young bobcats out there. Another reported on a blue herring flying along the river. I saw Great Blue Herons, but no flying herrings.

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    That is Uncle Joe, taken in the masonic regalia of a Grand Exalted Periwinkle of the Mystic Order of Whelks-P.G. Wodehouse, Romance at Droitgate Spa


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