Re: No death before the fall theology

From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 03:08:07 EDT

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    Debbie Mann wrote:

    > I always figured that Jesus rose physically to demonstrate that nothing, not
    > the people who crucified Him, not death, nothing had dominion over Him. I
    > never interpreted His resurrection in a physical body, with wounds on it
    >by the way, to in any way indicate our future state. ....

    Perhaps you should now do so. Otherwise, what do you suppose Paul
    means when he says in Phil. 3:21, "...Jesus Christ...will transform our
    lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body" (NIV)?

    Scripture nowhere suggests that Jesus underwent or was to undergo
    another transformation after his resurrection to improve his
    resurrected body. Paul certainly does not claim such a thing.
    Hence, by "his glorious body" Paul is referring to the same body
    Jesus showed his disciples in Luke 24, etc., wounds and all.
    His wounds are badges of honor, not defects. That kind of body, Paul
    is saying here in Philippians, is the kind we all will have one day.

    Of course, no one is forcing you to accept everything Paul said. I like to modify some of it myself. Think of these remarks as just pointing out specifically what you're rejecting.


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