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From: John Burgeson (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 11:50:35 EDT

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    Iain wrote, in part: ...But the above "Twit Filter" affair was never, (to my
    knowledge) commented on adversely, so I'm commenting on it now, and
    registering my dismay...

    1. I generally agree with your post about Xtian love not coming through well
    on this list. I suspect that it is the nature of debate. I think it is
    there, but we do not always show it. We can do better.

    2. It was I who talked first about the twit filter, which is a well known
    tool on a lot of the internet. Many ISPs have added it to their software.
    Some do it negatively (only presons "approved" get through and the rest go
    to a hold folder. Some do it positively (you must specify those you wish to

    I did put Jim, for a time, into my own twit filter (not anyone else) and
    told him so, which I think was both a proper and a Christain thing to do (He
    has long been "out for resonas unrelated). What I dd wrong was mention this
    to the list -- I think inadvertently -- I subsequently apologized then and
    do so again now.

    I have been told by certain others that I am on their twit filter list. I am
    not offended; I do not think Jim was either. It is just a way to cut down
    the traffic when it gets too much to deal with.

    I do think that, spam e-mail excepted, that it is polite to notify people
    when they get on the list.


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