Re: The Nature of Atheist - Christian dialogue

Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 08:18:00 EDT

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    > Thanks for the gracious replies today. Again,
    > I've basically said what I wanted to say.
    > This does not strike me as the appropriate forum,
    > per se, to debate the truth of Christianity.
    > Mostly it is a forum for folks who have concluded
    > it is true.
    > The gist of the replies more or less conceded
    > Genesis is not factual history. And I completely
    > agree.
    > Jim

    I agree 150%. If you want to debate Christian apologists, join The Academy at
    yahoo groups. There are all kinds of people attacking Christianity on that
    list and the Christians on it know what they are there for and expect the
    kind of fare you usually dish out here which seems out of place on a
    Christian/science list because you really don't engage anyway. I joined The
    Academy to improve my arguments. You might enjoy it.

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