Re: breaking into camps of 'us' and 'them'.

Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 08:10:32 EDT

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    > Liberty: I like pork, lasagna and shrimp - all forbidden to Orthodox Jews
    > and I really don't want to have to sleep in the guest room once a month and
    > then go bathe in rain water before I can move back into my own bed. There
    > are other such laws in Leviticus, probably equally anarchical to disobey.

    But that's only if you are an orthodox Jew and maintaining the priestly
    function of tripartition. If you are reformed, conservative, etc. those
    things may not matter to you but you are no longer at the core of Judaism
    either and are not responsible for the priestly function. The orthodox make
    those sacrifices, denying themselves the liberties that would cause them to
    mingle (eat with) with non-Jews and in that way they maintain the separation
    and thus the breeding program that has made Judaism such an evolutionary
    success. And that also explains how the non-orthodox enjoy freedom from the
    Levitical prohibitions. Theirs is not the priestly function of tripartition.
    They have specialized breeding communities doing the breeding for them,
    maintaining the high birth rates and the high IQs.

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