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    To scientists everything is equally old. The question whether physical
    things that exist came into being via natural processes from physical
    things that existed before hand is more of a philosophical question than
    a scientific one. That is to say, one has to make a philosophical
    assumption in order to further proceed with the science. Of course,
    there are non-physical things in nature and that, certainly, may go
    outside the purview of science. Moorad
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            Dick wrote
            I cannot accept the age of the water in the wine jars as 4.5
    billion years old. What about the water and carbon cycles?
            Much water is produced from the metabolism of all life on earth
    and while it was come from water initially via photosynthesis
            some of that time it has been carbohydrate, lipid or protein or
    some other metabolite like hydrocarbon. Some hydrocarbons
            and other metabolites are "locked up" for many millions of
    years. Hence the "water" is locked up.
            However, yes to the substance part and the rest of your
            Are we really able to explain a miracle? Do we really need to
    anyway? Seems to me that miracle explanation is a devise to
            rationalise an unexplainable event. Who knows if our surmising
    is correct and what does it matter any way?!!!
            Peter Brunt
            Bill Payne wrote:
            When Jesus created good (aged) wine from water, and when He
            fish and loaves, He did so in a short period of time, yet the
            had the "appearance of age."
            The water was aged for 4.5 billion years. Jesus changed the
    nature of the substance not its age. And he multiplied the fish and
    loaves. You can't possibly equate that with artificially dating every
    radioactive substance on earth by mixing in just the right amounts of
    daughter elements to provide consistent but contrived dates, which is
    only one of the clever manipulations He would have to do to fit your
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