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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 14:09:44 EST

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    I have just uploaded a new but very long piece on the battle between science
    and Christianity in the 19th century. It is at

    It has been claimed that there was no such battle, that YEC was gone long
    prior to 1860 and that Christians generally accepted geology. I have
    collected a fairly large set of 19th century books, which show those claims
    to be false and to give the wrong impression of what was going on. Books on
    this topic, with these views, are not hard to find. What I have gathered I
    have gathered over a 2 year period.

    Anyway, I have 3 other books on their way to me and I will add their authors
    as they come, so in a couple of weeks there should be 3 more authors.
    Authors covered (in approximate chronological order) are:
    Granville Penn
    Robert Haldane
    John Murray
    Patrick MacFarlane
    William Cockburn
    Eleazar Lord
    Thomas Hutton
    Alexander Strachan
    George Redford (eventually book on order)
    George Rawlinson (eventually book on order
    Philip Gosse
    A couple of anonymous authors
    Dr. Gordon
    Abraham Mills
    George Weber
    W. Nicolson
    Benjamin Wills Newton
    Bourchier Wrey Savile
    Louis Figuier
    H. W. Bristow
    Herbert W. Morris
    Thomas Cooper
    Joseph Seiss
    Rev. W. B. Galloway
    J. William Dawson
    F. R. Wegg-Prosser
    George Dickison

    To almost all these guys, a recent creation (at least of mankind and most
    often in 4000 BC), was an important aspect of their theology.

    Any typos or other idiocies which are reported will be fixed.

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