Re: appearance of age and the goodness of God

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Date: Sat Mar 29 2003 - 16:06:55 EST

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    Jason wrote, in part: "I was telling him that to believe that God created a
    young creation that bore the marks of an ancient one would be deceptive, and
    God does not deceive. "

    On what basis would one conclude that God does not deceive? It is clear from
    the biblical text that he told Moses to deceive Pharoah just before the
    exodus by advising Moses to tell Pharaoh a half truth -- that the Hebrews
    wanted to go out of Egypt to worship -- when the intent was to never return.

    "I was wondering if any of you had considered the following:

            God is good by nature, and whatever he does, if he does it, is good. God
    is incapable of evil actions. When God does something in our lives or in
    the world that we might think of as wrong, evil, or bad, we are in error.
    God is unable to act in this way. If we think that he has, we must remember
    that he is the standard of rightness and holiness. We are flawed. Whatever
    he does, it is, because of his nature, perfect and right. Therefore, if God
    did create with an
    appearance of age, that action is not deceptive or wrong, as it is an action
    of the perfectly righteous God. Even if it is deceptive, that deception is
    not wrong; it is righteous. "

    That idea has been considered. It is a fairly vital link in my own
    theological thinking that says, the literal text apparently to the contrary,
    that God did not command the slaughter of infants in I Sam 15.

    In the case of origins, however, the deception would have to be monstrous,
    involving all sorts of secondary (and tertiary) miracles. But it is,
    nevertheless, a theory which cannot be disproved. See page 2,section 4 of my
    web site for two essays on Gosse's OMPHALOS, which advocates this position.


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