appearance of age and the goodness of God

Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 12:57:58 EST

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            My name is Jason Alley, and I am posting again after a long absence. My pastor and I were talking about the appearance of age argument recently, and I was telling him that to believe that God created a young creation that bore the marks of an ancient one would be deceptive, and God does not deceive. I told him that God, on the contrary, invites us to know him and seek him out through the natural world (Job, Romans 1, etc), and that this invitation would not make sense if we would arrive at wrong conclusions by so doing. My pastor then countered with an interesting comment that I had not yet considered. I was wondering if any of you had considered the following:

            God is good by nature, and whatever he does, if he does it, is good. God is incapable of evil actions. When God does something in our lives or in the world that we might think of as wrong, evil, or bad, we are in error. God is unable to act in this way. If we think that he has, we must remember that he is the standard of rightness and holiness. We are flawed. Whatever he does, it is, because of his nature, perfect and right. Therefore, if God did create with an appearance of age, that action is not deceptive or wrong, as it is an action of the perfectly righteous God. Even if it is deceptive, that deception is not wrong; it is righteous.

            What are your thoughts?

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