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Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 11:38:54 EST

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    Don Winterstein wrote:

    > Unfortunately I have no real training as a geologist and am by no
    > means an expert on reefs, so I'm not the one to make a specialized
    > contribution here. There are (or were) plenty of such experts in oil
    > companies in Alberta. They presented detailed interpretations of
    > voluminous reef data that more than convinced me that the reefs grew
    > in place, as we find them today. I cannot conceive a reasonable
    > scenario that has even a remote chance of explaining how these reefs
    > could have formed within the last 50000 years. It would take much
    > better arguments than I've so far seen from YEC scientists to convince
    > me they are so recent.
    I expect that these oil scientists must have published something
    somewhere that can provide the descriptions needed. I am unable to
    search for such data but on those occasions when I get the opportunity
    to visit they local University which is over 60 miles away. I have
    internet access, not not access to the journal indexes available on-line
    as I wish I were able to do.


    "I have been shown that, without Bible history, geology can prove nothing. Relics found
    in the earth do give evidence of a state of things differing in many respects from the
    present. But the time of their existence, and how long a period these things have been in
    the earth, are only to be understood by Bible history. It may be innocent to conjecture
    beyond Bible history, if our suppositions do not contradict the facts found in the sacred
    Scriptures. But when men leave the word of God in regard to the history of creation, and
    seek to account for God's creative works upon natural principles, they are upon a
    boundless ocean of uncertainty. Just how God accomplished the work of creation in six
    literal days, he has never revealed to mortals. His creative works are just as
    incomprehensible as his existence."  Ellen Gould Harmon White,  1864

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