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Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 00:47:04 EST

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    Hi, Glenn,

    Would you care to comment on the following article? Or anyone else on
    the list?

    Klein R.G., "Whither the Neanderthals?", Science 299 (7 March 2003),
    1525-1527, reviews the current situation about the origins of modern
    humans, in particular in connection with their differences from the

    He infers a crucial unknown event around 50,000 years ago in the brains
    of modern humans in Africa, but not Neandertals in Europe or Middle
    East. He refers to the evidence from the relatively recent coalescence
    date estimate of the gene FOXP2 required for speech and language,
    greater behavioral flexibility and inferred ethnic
    identity-consciousness of Cro-Magnons, lack of Neandertal burial ritual
    or ceremony, projectile weapons, well-made bone tools and jewelry, and
    rapid replacement of the Neandertals after a long, relatively
    inconspicuous history. How do you evaluate these indicators for such a
    postulated crucial brain event around 50,000 years ago?


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