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Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 22:10:02 EST

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    In regards to Stepens remark "like we are supposed to notify the media
    regarding your departure" I just want to say to him and the rest of the
    group that I will miss Jon's posts. They may not come often but I have
    learned a great deal from them over the years and unlike those of some
    people, I read every one of Jons. I hope Stephen's remark was made in jest.
    I considered it a courteous thing for Jon to do to notify us that he was
    dropping out. Sometimes I have wondered why he didn't write in more often
    but at least I knew he was out there. I still have his email address but it
    is still a bit like loosing a friend for him to drop out. An organization
    is nothing more than the sum of its members; and as some leave and others
    join the character of the group changes. I can't convince myself we are
    better off without Jon than with him.

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    > Jon,
    > So sorry you feel like leaving. If you don't find the conversations
    > stimulating, feel free to start your own thread that you would find
    > interesting. My archives show that you have posted 16 times since
    > That last being this notice that you are leaving, like we are supposed to
    > notify the media regarding your departure.
    > Stephen J. Krogh, P.G.
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    > > Regretfully I am finding the volume of emails on subjects I find
    > > uninteresring and unhelpful overwhelming. Farewell.
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    > > Jon
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