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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 08:16:23 EST

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    As you probably know, YEC attempts to explain all sediments from above
    the Precambrian to sometime after the Triassic (the upper boundary is not
    clearly defined) as Flood deposits. If the Alberta reefs lie directly on
    Precambrian basement rocks, then the reefs could be pre-Flood and
    therefore would not have to be explained within a short timeframe.

    Just thinking out loud (opening myself to be mildly embarrassed), I would
    say that if these reefs are underlain by marine sediments then the reefs
    may be part of a continuation of pre-Flood sedimentation. On the other
    hand, if the reefs are underlain by fossiliferous clastics such as the
    Burgesss shale, then we have what is normally thought of as Flood
    deposits below the reef. Of course, a little thrust fault could have
    shoved the pre-Flood "Ordovician" reef rocks over the more recent
    "Cambrian" Flood deposits.


    On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 00:25:43 -0800 "Don Winterstein"
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    I'm curious about why you'd want to know.


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