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Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 07:50:37 EST

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    > That is a stunning claim. Are you the only one on the planet
    > not vulnerable to self-deception?

    I'm used to debating with scientists online - if you want to disprove my
    point, provide a rational argument that I can examine and a few references
    showing that other educated people agree with you. I am reminded of the
    accusation of the radical left that is remarkably like yours - "you're
    delusional" -

    it's not enough to say someone is deceived or self-deceived - you're duty
    bound to back up such an accusation - if you disagree with a point I've made
    and insist you can simply accuse someone of being self deceived without an
    argument and lacking any references to support your remark, I'd say you were
    the one with the stunning claim and not a whole lot of real estate to stand


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