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From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 04:11:03 EST

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    David Campbell wrote:
    > In a debate, Duane Gish claimed that ICR folks had examined the Permian
    reefs of west Texas and determined that they were not really reefs.

    If he was talking about El Capitan, he may well have been right. The leader
    of a stratigraphic seminar I attended some years ago offered an explanation,
    and I'm almost certain he didn't call it a reef.

    The definition of reef was much narrower among the geologists I knew than it
    is in the ICR papers Allen Roy referred to. I don't believe our
    geologists would have considered most of the things discussed in the ICR
    papers to be reefs.

    Interestingly, neither of Allen's ICR papers mentions the Devonian reefs in Alberta. The reefs there had definite reef structure, unlike most of those discussed in the ICR papers. I recall our geologists and paleontologists in Calgary talking about which part of the reef the drill bit had penetrated on the basis of which fossils they'd found.


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