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From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 03:25:43 EST

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    Bill Payne wrote:

    Could you please describe the strata, if any, between the bottom of the Alberta reefs and the Precambrian?

    I did this work quite a while ago, and my memory of the details is gone. However, I recall 1) there were flat-lying sedimentary layers below the Devonian reefs, but 2) very few wells would have been drilled into them, because the reefs were the main targets. Hence relatively little would be known about such deeper rocks. Oil companies often drill a few wells appreciably deeper than their primary targets by way of exploration--often all the way to the Precambrian; but unless they find something interesting, or have good reason to think they might, they don't drill many. Expensive!

    I'm curious about why you'd want to know.


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