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    On Wed, 26 Mar 2003 02:44:50 -0800 "Don Winterstein"
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    What I don't know, and maybe you do, is what fraction of the total
    horizontal force on the plates comes from pressure generated by upwelling
    rock. Perhaps it's negligible to begin with, or perhaps no one knows:
    You can deal with this kind of thing only through modeling, not

    [Reply] I certainly don't know, but I have always assumed that convection
    cells (driven by heat) dragging on the bottom of the crustal plates
    provided the horizontal force to move the plates. As the plates separate
    along the mid-Atlantic Ridge, the reduction in pressure allows the deeper
    rock to liquify and flow to the surface, building the Ridge.

    At work I have an incredible photo taken by the last shuttle crew of the
    terminator (?) of daylight over Europe (if anyone knows where to find
    this photo on the web please let us know). In this photo, most of Europe
    is dark and the lights are on. The western edge of Europe and the
    Atlantic are still in daylight. The incredible thing about the photo is
    the fact that the floor of the Atlantic is plainly visible. You can see
    the continental shelves, the Azores and Mariannas, and of course, the
    mid-Atlantic Ridge. The interesting thing about the Ridge relative to
    this conversation is the presence of the many strike-slip faults. I'll
    have to look at the photo again, but I'm sure that the faults cut through
    the Ridge, which suggest that they are the result of forces acting over a
    wide area, not from thrusts produced by injected lava.

    For anyone who may be interested, I recently composed the following notes
    on those reefs (from memory, so an occasional detail or two may not be
    strictly accurate):

    [snip] Thank you, Don, for taking the time to provide this description.

    If anyone can explain these in a young-Earth framework, I'd like to hear

    So would Michael and I! Could you please describe the strata, if any,
    between the bottom of the Alberta reefs and the Precambrian?


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