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From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2003 - 14:22:13 EST

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    Only one question. How big was the bow wave as India sailed across the
    Indian Ocean at 45 mph? I am trying to take YEC flood geology very seriously
    as if I can be given the evidence for it, I will apply to go on the staff of


    > >>If catastrophic plate tectonics be correct, at what speed did the Indian
    subcontinent impact into Asia to form the Himalayas?<<
    > I do not know about that, but if Iapetus opened to a width similar to the
    present Atlantic, closed, and the Atlantic opened all within one year, then
    the relevant continents were going about 45 mph. Without any firm statement
    as to which deposits are supposed to have formed during the Flood, it is
    difficult to say how much plate motion is getting crammed in there. Note
    that some claim that Pangea split in the lifetime of Peleg, which would put
    him in the Triassic, although this is rejected by others.

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