Re: a few responses lumped together (Jim and Burgy take note)

Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 17:49:11 EST

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    > "What is the alternate translation of which you speak?"
    > I am in general agreement with Bob Schneider's recent post on the issue. A
    > somewhat parallel view appears on my website as an essay by John
    > Shannonhouse.

    I saw Bob's rendition - the difference between temple prostitutes and
    ordinary homosexual activity - a nuance

    I would remind you - I study religion from a behavioral, evolutionary and
    very practical perspective - since religious Jews wield power all out of
    proportion to their numbers, rise to the top of hierarchies in which they
    compete and have been a cohesive people bound by their religious practices
    who've survived for thousands of years - I tend to go with their
    interpretation of their own texts and their own Hebrew characters, hence I'm
    going to fall back on Lamm's compassionate but honest and uncompromising view
    of homosexuality since his book acknowledges the help of eminent rabbis and a
    past president of Yeshiva University (his brother). I'm in general agreement
    with Lamm and the undisputed facts above. I go with a winner - every time.


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