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Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 17:19:02 EST

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    Rich wrote: "If by orientation, you mean genetic orientation, would you
    kindly provide evidence for that."

    By "orientation" I meant "orientation," nothing more. Is your orientation as
    a heterosexual due to nature (genetics), nurture or choice? Those three
    potential causes (I don't know of any others) are also potential causes for
    a homosexual orientation. It may well be that all three are operative in
    some cases; that only one is operative in other cases. But I don't see that
    addressing this issue advances the debate at all.

    "You read Lamm's religious argument. Is the brother of the president of
    Yeshiva University not a Biblical scholar? I''m sure that learned family
    would disagree with you."

    If you have ever looked at my web site, you would have noted that biblical
    scholars are to be found on several sides (there are more than two) of the
    issue, and I have provided links, notes and references to a number of
    scholars who would side with you. You would also (possibly) have read my
    position statement, which does not depend upon my siding with any particular
    religious scholar.

    "What is the alternate translation of which you speak?"

    I am in general agreement with Bob Schneider's recent post on the issue. A
    somewhat parallel view appears on my website as an essay by John


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