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Date: Sun Mar 23 2003 - 11:09:51 EST

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    We can talk about YEC and its implications ad nauseum, but our association is doing something and having modest success. We have compiled so far over 5,000 email addresses of seminary professors and pastors (and some of you guys too). We are sending out monthly Bible, science, and history "tidbits" and calling attention to our web page. This is one response I received from a pastor:

    Mr. Fischer,

    Thank you for responding to my email. Since you took the time to reply to me personally, I at very least needed to take the time to visit your web page. So far I have found it to be very provacative, challenging, and extremely thorough.

    I have been a firm believer in "young earth creationism" for many years, but have not followed ICR closely in the last 10 years. I have always had certain questions about the theory, but assumed that over time and with increased research those questions would eventually be answered (in further support).

    So far, everything I have seen on your site in just one day is challenging everything I have held dear for so long. I admit that I am very skeptical at this point, but I also value good research, honest questions, and solid answers. I also will admit that as I continue to read information on your web page and some of the other resources you have listed, I will naturally be looking for flaws and errors because of my background, but I will also try to be fair, honest, and open minded as I examine the data.

    Although I have not been reading much on the creation/evolution discussion recently, your web page has sparked a renewed interest.


    If there is anything on our web site you can use, please feel free to use it however it may help you. Anything you feel we could add, we would be happy to see it. YEC organizations are out there sowing seeds of disinformation. Only by giving them credible, honest evidence can we counter their efforts. Also, if you could help us activley, that would be nice too.

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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