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Date: Sat Mar 22 2003 - 16:04:26 EST

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    bivalve wrote:
    > >Bivalve fossils (eg. clams) are commonly found closed, yet today when bivalves die the shells open and are disarticulated. Articulated bivalves are further e
    > >Please point out the false statements and semantic games.
    > The claim that bivalves invariably open and get disarticulated after death is a false statement. The forms most commonly found articulated are those that are
    > Other species have extremely tightly attaching hinges, so that it takes breaking the shell to detach the valves. Also, there is variation in strength and deca
    > Secondly, although the total number of articulated fossil bivalves is quite large, disarticulated specimens are much more common, and fragments commoner still.
    > Finally, the evidence of myriad separate events of rapid burial, interspersed with abundant evidence of slow deposition or even erosion, in no way supports a y

            (Apolgies for chopped off lines - not sure whose fault they are.)
            It will be interesting to see if this prompts any reconsideration by whoever it
    was that originally posted this YEC "proof." My experience is that YECs are quite free
    with such claims &, when they are refuted never pause to wonder if there may be
    something wrong with their position. Instead they just say "Whatever" & go on to the
    next spurious argument.

    George L. Murphy

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