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    If catastrophic plate tectonics be correct, at what speed did the Indian subcontinent impact into Asia to form the Himalayas. Are there any physicists who can work out the momentum and kinetic energy in India and what energy was dissipated at impact. Also what would be the effects on the surrounding regions?

    If the impact took place during the Flood India must have been sailing at the rate of several knots.

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      Allen wrote:

    >Paleomagnetic data can be reconciled within a young earth
    > framework and global noahic flood with catastrophic plate tectonics and
    > rapid geomagnetic reversals.

      This would be some feat. How would you explain the consistent pattern of
      progressive radiometric ages from one geomagnetic reversal to the next?

      Presumably Noah's flood can then also account for the intact, richly
      fossiliferous reefs that cover hundreds of square kilometers in the Western
      Canadian basin more than TWO MILES BELOW THE EARTH'S SURFACE. (Reefs grow
      only in shallow, warm seas.)

      How people who are presumably intimate with the data can still believe such
      stuff is a mystery. The need for an inerrant Book clearly overrules common sense.


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