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Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 12:06:18 EST

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    > It is not what John calvin did FOR the people of Geneva as much as what he
    > did TO them. Thank God we have (properly) rejected that kind of theocratic
    > government.

    And that's exactly what they're saying about Christianity TODAY Burgy -
    you're parroting the worst not the best of your traditions which is the
    neo-con liberal mantra disestablishing Christianity - I parrot the best of my
    traditions - that's how we differ - consider:

    "With all these advantages, Wilson says Calvinism had a dark side, but I
    won’t entertain it here for the following reason. Although Wilson says that,
    “Calvin was not a paragon of virtue”, he admits that Calvin’s “moral
    failings occurred in exactly the contexts predicted by multilevel selection
    theory: social control within groups and conduct toward members of other
    groups.”38 If one is to achieve the kind of disciplined success of Calvin’s
    Geneva, threats from within and threats from without must be countered as
    readily as they are encountered. After all, Wilson remarks:“The effect of
    Calvinism on Geneva was so profound that the city assumed an importance in
    world affairs out of all proportion to its economic significance…Calvinism
    caused its community of believers to behave adaptively in the real world,
    which is all that evolution can be expected to accomplish.”39"

    You have an agenda, burgy, the homosexual agenda - I have a religion -
    please put more effort into your responses or I will rightly ignore them.
    You missed an entire point - orthodoxy Jewry which is now in INTERNATIONAL
    ASCENDANCY and the source of ALL the tension in the Middle East has never
    rejected theocratic government! - because it works!

    If its written on your heart burgy, it governs you.


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