Matt 1 commentary -- Calvin

From: John or Carol Burgeson (
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 18:56:55 EST

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    I came on the following on Matt 1 in Calvin's commentary.

    "As to there being only thirteen in the list, it probably arose from the
    blunders and carelessness of transcribers. Epiphanius, in his First Book
    against Heresies, assigns this
    reason, that the name of Jeconiah had been twice put down, and unlearned
    persons ventured to strike out the repetition of it as superfluous;
    which, he tells us, ought not to have been done, because Jehoiakim, the
    father of king Jehoiakim, had the name Jeconiah, in common with his son,
    ( <130317> 1 Chronicles 3:17; <122415> 2 Kings 24:15; <242720> Jeremiah
    28:4.) Robert Stephens quotes a Greek manuscript, in which the name of
    Jehoiakim is introduced."
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