Re: Barne's Magnetic Data

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Mar 20 2003 - 07:46:34 EST

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    From: "Don Winterstein" <>

     The need for an inerrant Book clearly overrules common sense.


    Don, that analysis is, in my judgment, exactly on target. Commitment to
    inerrancy is the basis for episodic creationist folk science in its many
    forms. Biblicism, bordering on bibliolatry, is one of the primary character
    traits of fundamentalist Christianity.

    Here is an exercise I think many members of this list-serve would find
    interesting. Go to the web sites of YEC organizations and other citadels of
    fundamentalist Christianity and locate their "statement of faith." Note how
    often the statement placed at or near the top of the list is a commitment to
    the concept of biblical inerrancy, above and before statements about God or

    Howard Van Till

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