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Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 11:10:48 EST

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    John Burgeson wrote:
    > >>people are abandoning Christianity altogether and the Levitical
    > >>prohibitions St. Paul maintained for us and we are being "spewed out of
    > >>the land.">>
    > <sarcasm on>
    > RIGHT! It is terrible that today we wear garments woven from two types of
    > material. We need to repent!
    > <sarcasm off>

            Burgy has said very succinctly what I was tempted to be more verbose about:
    "Levitical prohibitions" include a lot more than just a few rules about sex. & more
    broadly, the regulations of torah include things that few people think should be
    enforced today, such as stoning rebellious kids (Dt.21:18-21).
            But the OT regulations simply aren't binding on Christians - cf. Galatians.
    That doesn't mean that they're all stupid or useless, & it might be wise for states
    today to adopt some of them, but that depends on the value that they might have in
    contemporary situations. They are the part of the civil law of ancient Israel, &
    whether or not we should adopt them today is in the same category as the question of
    whether the United States ought to adopt some laws developed in Japan or Sweden.
    Luther's essay "How Christians Should Regard Moses" (in. Vol.35 of _Luther's Works_) is
    worth reading in this regard.
            This doesn't settle questions about homosexuality, pro or con, but decisions
    about that can't be made on the basis of the OT alone.


    George L. Murphy

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